Eat What Makes You Happy

Wherever You Are

It's Time To Start Enjoying Your Vegan Meals Out Again.

Wouldn’t it be great if vegans and omnivores could dine together at any restaurant?

French fries, baked potatoes, house salads, bread, steamed vegetables… there are more readily-available vegan items at restaurants than you may know. The problem is… nobody wants to eat an un-loaded baked potato. And who enjoys steamed veggies without (vegan) butter? Those tater tots sure would taste better with some ranch dressing! And let’s face it, it is hard to carry around a tub of vegan mayo just in case you end up stoping for a sandwich in between meetings.

Our goal is to make vegan condiments readily available, in travel sized shelf-stable packets.

Currently, Hampton Creek (the maker of Just Mayo) produces individual mayo packets – but they are only available to buy by the palette – a quantity that is inaccessible to vegans for many reasons. Vegan Packets will bring single-serving vegan condiments to the retail market. Join our campaign today!

Help Us Make this Dream

A Reality